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138,000 the number of people working for San Diego's Innovation Economy. Learn More.


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317,000 SD defense economy—including uniformed military, civilian employees of DOD, and private defense companies. Learn more.


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50% San Diego's local commerce accounts for 50% of the regional economy. Learn more.


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San Diego is home to more than 80  academic and applied research institutions Learn More.


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  • Carrier Johnson + Culture is a global architecture/design and strategy firm. Instead of building spaces from the ground up, they design from the inside out.

    San Diego is a vibrant business accelerator, attracting the best and brightest to its shores. We will always be a world-class vacation destination, but we are also a world-class business hub.

    Vincent Mudd

    Principal Managing Partner
    Carrier Johnson + Culture

  • Manpower is a world leader in employment services, creating and delivering services that enable job seekers and employers to win in the changing world of work.

    Manpower is excited about the potential for growth - not only throughout the soon to be eight states in which the company operate franchises, but also about San Diego’s continued potential as a global economic hub.

    Phil Blair

    Executive Officer

  • For a global law firm, San Diego provides a strategic location at the crossroads for the Pacific Rim where US businesses and investors can come together with businesses and investors from Asia, Latin American and Europe.  We have been able to assist San Diego companies with transactions all over the globe.

    Robert Brownlie

    Managing Partner, San Diego 
    DLA Piper

  • For 25 years, there has been great synergy between the University and our region. We have literally grown up together, coming of age as we have helped create, and were fed and nurtured by, regional businesses, organizations, schools, neighborhoods and cities.

    Dr. Karen Haynes

    Cal State San Marcos

  • Pristine Environments’ manages, maintains and optimizes the performance of mission critical facilities for corporate real estate owners in nearly 75 Million sqft of specialized buildings throughout North America.

    The decision to move to San Diego was much more than weather driven, I realized very quickly that running a company with offices all over North America was more efficient from the west coast. The depth of knowledge, experience and talent in this market is uncommon.

    Brian Snow

    Pristine Environments

  • We have a many former UC San Diego (my alma mater) students working here, and we’re relocating our headquarters to be across the street from UCSD, which will make it even easier to access students and engage in collaborative research. 

    Paul Martini

    iboss Cybersecurity

  • D&K Engineering, founded in 1999, is a global contract R&D, engineering and manufacturing services company focused on developing and manufacturing complex electromechanical products and equipment. D&K Engineering enables organizations to decrease time-to-market, reduce cost and improve product quality.

    From a services perspective, San Diego has a very broad base of economic engines - it is not focused on just one industry.  The life sciences space speaks for itself as being one of the very vibrant economic engines in our region.

    Alex Kunczynski

    Co-Founder and President
    D&K Engineering

  • Our region is truly different from other tourist destinations.  San Diego has a soul, a heart.  The lifestyle, the weather; the fact is that San Diegans are happy—that’s one thing visitors notice immediately. 

    David Cherashore

    Executive Board Member
    Evans Hotels

  • The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. is a successful manufacturing organization with over 50 years of experience in precision machining.  They provide jobs for people who are blind, deaf-blind, and blind with other disabilities.

    San Diego makes sense for us because of the strong military economy; it is where our customers and contracts are located, such as the Navy base. 

    Kirk Adams

    President and CEO
    The Lighthouse for the Blind

  • San Diego is an extremely vibrant, highly educated and entrepreneurial community. Our dynamic and innovative campuses, complemented by the climate, allow our tenants to recruit and retain top talent.  

    Dan Ryan

    Executive Vice President
    Regional Market Director &

    Strategic Operations

    Alexandria Real Estate Equities

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