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“For any business our size, to be working with a leader in the space like the Port of San Diego is huge. It’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, landlords of marinas on the West Coast.”

Iaian Archibald, CEO of Swell Advantage
June 26, 2017

With 70 miles of coastline, a strong Navy presence and innovative technology firms, San Diego has emerged as a hub for maritime and bluetech. Government and academic researchers look to these local firms for equipment and software – ranging from heavy duty cables and electronics to remotely operated underwater vehicles. 
Born from the Navy, Scripps Institute of Oceanography and a legacy tuna fleet, maritime and bluetech companies in San Diego are developing cutting-edge solutions that are exported across the world. From shipbuilding to desalination, aquaculture to acoustic sensors, San Diego is a hotspot for maritime technology and development.

Industry Highlights & Contributions

  • OINA: Launched in London in 1969, Oceanology International – the world’s leading marine science and ocean technology exhibition – kicked off its first North American conference in San Diego in February 2017.
  • Economic impact: The Port of San Diego provided about $5.4 billion in direct economic impact and infused nearly $8.3 billion into San Diego County’s overall economy, more than 10 percent higher than 2011.1
  • Dry dock: In December 2016, BAE Systems welcomed a new dry dock to its Barrio Logan shipyard. Spanning 950 feet and capable of floating a ship that displaces 55,000 tons, it is the largest dry dock in California.2 

Port of San Diego

The Port oversees two maritime cargo terminals, two cruise ship terminals, 22 public parks, the Harbor Police Department and 800 waterfront businesses around San Diego Bay. 

Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association

Established in 1982 to increase industry cooperation and cohesiveness and create greater public awareness and understanding of the industry’s issues, the Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association represents more than 100 San Diego-area companies engaged in ship repair, conversion, overhaul and modernization.

San Diego Military Advisory Council
SDMAC supports, promotes and represents the common business and other interests of the military, its quality of life issues and the defense industry community in the San Diego area.


The Maritime Alliance

The Maritime Alliance is the non-profit cluster organization for the San Diego maritime technology community and fosters maritime business and technology innovation through collaboration around the U.S. and the world.


Highlights: 1. San Diego Unified Port District, “Economic Impacts of the San Diego Unified Port District”, 2015 2. The San Diego Union Tribune, “State’s biggest dry dock arrives in San Diego”, 2016