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"I think what we do here, especially in the startup community, is we do cyber small or large. We do it for federal or commercial. We are in so many different verticals. And we collaborate. Everybody talks to each other."

Gary Hayslip, City of San Diego CISO and Deputy Director
Aug 28, 2016

In a world where Internet-enabled devices have become embedded in everyday objects, the need for cybersecurity has never been more vital. San Diego’s entrepreneurial talent and proximity to customers have enabled its cybersecurity companies to become leaders in the industry. Most of the region’s cyber innovations are attributed to its close ties to the federal government, where key branches of the military, such as the United States Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR), employ an estimated 3,390 cybersecurity professionals.1 This foundation has enabled local companies to diversify and expand into consumer markets, fulfilling the needs of private businesses.

In conjunction with the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence, EDC released a study on San Diego's cybersecurity industry in June 2016.

Industry Highlights & Collaborations

  • Talent: Each year, San Diego’s higher education system graduates 3,000 students in the computer science and engineering fields and recently launched two new cybersecurity masters programs at University of San Diego and California State University San Marcos.2
  • Jobs: As of 2015, there were 7,620 total jobs in the known cyber universe, up 14.7 percent from 2014.2
  • Economic impact: When accounting for the total direct, indirect, and induced impacts, cybersecurity activities generate more than $1.9 billion in GDP and impact 16,580 jobs every year.2


Cyber Center of Excellence

CCOE is a nonprofit organization that works to connect the region’s cyber companies, attract and nurture cyber talent, and create new opportunities for cyber business.


CyberHive is a unique, innovative shared workspace and incubator program that delivers business and technical support to early stage companies providing cybersecurity and high tech related products and services.

ISACA San Diego

The San Diego Chapter of ISACA is dedicated to helping its members develop strong competencies in the areas if information systems audit, governance, risk management, privacy, and security.  

San Diego Military Advisory Council
SDMAC supports, promotes, and represents the common business and other interests of the military, its quality of life issues, and the defense industry community in the San Diego area.



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