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“San Diego’s startup scene has exploded. What’s getting us closer to the Silicon Valley model is our cross-industry collaborations. Medical tech has a need for cybersecurity, drones are no longer just used by the military... We’re developing a reputation as a place where big industries can come together to learn from – not steal from – each other.”

Neal Bloom, Marketing Manager, North America,
Oct 2017

With roots tracing back to the defense cluster, UC San Diego, and numerous research institutions, San Diego’s technology cluster has positioned the region as a hub for innovation in converging and emerging sectors. With established companies like Qualcomm and Intuit and innovative startups like KnuEdge and Classy, San Diego tech firms are developing unique technologies with global impact.
The region’s tech cluster is now home to a number of innovative and evolving sectors, including telecommunications, cybersecurity, connected devices, data analytics, health IT, bioinformatics, gaming, and software as a service (SaaS). Supporting this growth, San Diego’s major research universities are also leading the charge in technology innovation. UC San Diego generates more patents than any other University of California campus.1

Industry Highlights & Contributions

  • Tech footprint: Approximately 40 percent of all 2016 new leasing transactions were made by tech firms.2
  • The start of something big: Google analytics, the ubiquitous analytics platform, got its start in San Diego when the tech giant acquired Urchin.3
  • Show me the money: In 2017, more than one-third of San Diego’s total VC investment  - or $420 million - went to tech firms.4
  • 5G: According to Qualcomm, the 5G mobile value chain alone could generate up to $3.5 trillion in revenue in 2035, and support up to 22 million jobs.5

Key Companies 



CONNECT has assisted in the formation and development of more than 2,000 companies since 1985 and is widely regarded as the world’s most successful regional program linking inventors and entrepreneurs with the resources they need for commercialization of products.

Cyber Center of Excellence

CCOE is a nonprofit organization that works to connect the region’s cyber companies, attract and nurture cyber talent, and create new opportunities for cyber business.


EvoNexus is the premiere, nonprofit tech startup incubator in Southern California. By partnering with some of San Diego’s biggest tech companies, EvoNexus has raised more than $675 million for San Diego companies.

San Diego Venture Group
SDVG is a nonprofit business association with a mission to support and promote the venture capital and startup company ecosystem in the San Diego region. Its 800 members include VCs, angel investors, entrepreneurs, startup grinders, experienced executives, and market influencers.
Tech San Diego

Tech San Diego, formerly Software San Diego, is the unifying voice of technology community - fostering innovation and business growth.


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